About Ruth’s Cakes

Ruth is a perfectionist with a great imagination. Since taking her first cake decorating course at Michaels a few years ago she has made many cakes for family and friends. This website is to showcase some of the wonderful cakes she has created.

Ruth always puts a lot of thought into the person and the occasion the cake is for and the cakes she makes are delicious. Her work is really edible art.  For many of her cakes Ruth has an assistant, her daughter Leah. Leah often helps with decorations and sometimes even designs the cake.

As Ruth is so busy making cakes and learning new decorating techniques she has not had time to create a website to showcase them. Terry (her nephew) and I (Jane, her sister) decided to put together this site for her.

Ruth has only made cakes for family and friends but may sometime think of  doing custom orders. Make her an offer she can’t refuse!